Am i enough?

Sitting along the banks of river Ganga in Rishikesh, i did not feel at ease. It wasn’t that i was experiencing any physical or emotional discomfort.

On the contrary i was amidst breathtaking beauty of the mountains and the river, the melodious sounds of bhajans, and the mesmerising Ganga aarti …. And yet, i was just there, present but not fully present…..

The mind is such a crazy thing, the more you try to stabilise, the more it jumps around like a monkey…… i was experiencing the classical games of mind; one minute here, another minute somewhere miles away; one instance with me where i was physically, another instance digging out the past… i’m sure, you have also felt the jumpy, distracted, unfocused mind.

As i resume FridayMusings after a 2 month pause for self reflection and learning, i thought of dedicating this one to mental health awareness, which is being observed from 1st to 31st May. It is unfortunate that we need an entire month for this, especially in a culture like ours which has been about Sadhana (meditation), Seva (service) and Sadagi (simplicity).

While mental health is generally spoken in the context of illnesses like depression, anxiety, fears, worries, loneliness, insecurities; since i’m a coach and not a psychologist, i’m going to share my learnings on how to build mental wellness.

I learnt that for such a wide range of these psychological problems, the seed is generally one thought; a self-inflicting, self debilitating thought — “am i enough?”

Learning 1.

Awareness over judgement: Did you know that the mind works on affirmation and not negation — for instance, if you tell your mind to not do something, it will ignore the ‘not’ and do the exact thing which you didn’t want it to do. In yoga, there is a practise to become aware of our surroundings — the noise, the smell, the people — so that the mind does not get easily distracted by these external influences. Awareness is the key to help the mind be more mindful; not judgement, not escape, not correction, not elimination…

What can help you be more aware of your mind and how it behaves? Don’t question why it behaves that way, or how can i correct it, or stop it.. Just observe, become aware….

Learning 2.

Self instead of shelf: We are all in pursuit of something, like a child desiring a shiny new toy — which for us could be a bigger home, a car, a new job, a new relationship, something that we can display on the imaginary shelf of ego and prestige. I believe this arises from comparison and leads to insecurities, anxiety & worries.

How about shifting your mind to work in pursuit of self development — towards learning, practising and mastery?

Learning 3.

I am infinite: We are born from the divine and if we believe that the divine is whole and complete and infinite; then aren’t we the same? The infinite is not just enough, its more than enough for itself and others. The infinite can be happily giving, sharing, in seva (service) and yet remain whole, ‘coz when you divide or subtract from infinity, it still remains infinity.

Why then do you allow your mind to belittle your own self and question “am i enough”, leading to issues of self worth, fear and loneliness?

It is my sincere hope that in these learnings you will find something to help yourself or someone else and together we all could celebrate wellness.

I wish to share 3 more learnings in the next edition of Friday Musings… until then, stay safe and keep re-evolving.

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Vaishali Wagle

Vaishali Wagle

Founder & Executive Coach at

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